Phillies vs. Padres – Live Game – October 19, 2022

8th Hoskins homered to left (409 feet). 5 8 7th Machado homered to center (424 feet). 4 8 5th Bell singled to right, Cronenworth scored, Drury to third. 4 7 5th Drury singled to center, Profar scored and Soto scored, Cronenworth to third. 4 6 5th Soto doubled to deep right, Nola scored, Profar to third. 4 4 5th Nola singled to right, Kim scored. 4 3 2nd Bell homered to right. 4 2 2nd Drury homered to left (348 feet). 4 1 2nd Schwarber grounded out to first, Vierling scored, Sosa to second. 4 0 2nd Sosa singled to left center, Bohm scored, Vierling to third. 3 0 2nd Vierling doubled to deep right, Castellanos scored, Bohm to third. 2 0 2nd Bohm singled to right center, Harper scored, Bohm safe at second on throwing error by right fielder Soto, Castellanos safe at third. 1 0

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